April 16, 2024

Make your life simple with 112Hub

One-stop shop for setting up your team in Romania: legal, accounting, personnel recruiting/subcontracting, picking and managing your office, personnel managing.

Maximize your international expansion with our comprehensive services tailored to simplify your entry into the Romanian market. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we offer a range of solutions designed to address all aspects of your business requirements.

Customized Roadmap Development:

Our experienced professionals meticulously analyze your needs, crafting a tailored roadmap for a smooth transition into the Romanian market. Clear milestones are established to guide your journey toward success.

Strategic Service Provider Selection:

Access our network of top-tier service providers in legal, accounting, and logistics. Through careful selection processes, we choose partners aligned with your goals, ensuring efficient and compliant operations.

Efficient Onboarding and Management:

Navigating Romania’s complexities is effortless with our support. As your trusted local representative, we oversee office setup, personnel recruitment, and ongoing management, allowing you to focus on core activities.

Case study:

In the landscape of international business expansion, our expertise played a pivotal role in facilitating the success story of an American company venturing into the Romanian market. What began as opening the first office in Bucharest evolved into an acquisition by a global player.

Our process began with in-depth consultations to understand the unique requirements of our client. We then crafted a tailored roadmap, meticulously guiding them through local practices and establishing clear milestones for success. But our support didn’t stop there. We introduced an additional step – Market Analysis and Opportunity Identification.

In this step, we conducted extensive market research and analysis, identifying key opportunities and potential challenges specific to the Romanian market. This allowed us to provide strategic insights and recommendations to our clients, ensuring they were well-equipped to capitalize on opportunities and navigate potential obstacles effectively.

Following the Market Analysis and Opportunity Identification, we provided our client with a curated selection of service providers in legal, accounting, and logistics, laying the groundwork for compliant operations. Once the office was established, we assumed the role of the client’s local representative and supported them in onboarding over 100 employees in just 4 months, marking a significant milestone.

Afterward, we initiated a phase focused on Scaling Operations and Enhancing Efficiency. During this phase, we collaborated closely with our client to assess the performance of their operations and identify areas for improvement. We conducted thorough evaluations of their workflows, systems, and processes to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. This involved leveraging technology solutions, optimizing resource allocation, and implementing standardized procedures to ensure consistency and productivity across departments.

Additionally, we provided targeted training and development programs to empower employees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles within the expanding organization. By investing in their professional growth and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we contributed to the development of a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

As our client flourished, attracting global attention, we facilitated a seamless acquisition process, providing strategic insights throughout. Post-acquisition, our support continued as we transitioned to assist the new entity, now home to over 200 employees.

You too can experience the confidence of streamlined international expansion with our proven solutions. Let us be your partner in unlocking Romania’s vast potential.