May 14, 2024

Don’t spend time or money to find the right software vendor

We understand local markets best and can readily recommend pre-validated software development companies.

In today’s dynamic business environment, selecting the perfect software solution tailored to your unique needs can feel like navigating a labyrinth. That’s where consulting firms like 112Hub shine, guiding clients through the complex landscape of software vendors. With a specialized focus on understanding local markets, 112Hub prides itself on offering personalized recommendations, sparing clients the hassle of exhaustive searches and ensuring informed decisions.

Consider a recent collaboration with a prominent German software company based in Berlin, specializing in healthcare supply chain technology. Faced with the challenge of scaling their operations to meet increasing demands during the pandemic, the company turned to 112Hub in 2020, after exploring various avenues without success.

The initial phase involved presenting the client with three carefully curated options, each aligned with their specific requirements and objectives. Through comprehensive discussions and thorough assessments, 112Hub provided invaluable insights, empowering the client to make an informed choice.

Once the optimal solution was selected, the project transitioned seamlessly into the team selection phase. A team of 10 seasoned engineers, specializing in pattern recognition algorithms and ERP systems integration, was swiftly assembled to kick-start the project. Their mission: to develop a robust data model capable of leveraging the company’s existing ERP infrastructure to optimize supply chain processes and improve decision-making.

As the project progressed, 112Hub remained deeply engaged, constantly evaluating the need for process enhancements and exploring avenues for innovation, including the utilization of pattern recognition algorithms to analyze data patterns and optimize resource allocation. This proactive approach not only showcased their commitment to driving progress but also ensured that the client remained at the forefront of technological advancements.

Crucially, 112Hub’s involvement extended beyond mere recommendations. They continued to foster the relationship with the selected partner, facilitating immersive workshops and ongoing collaboration. Providing valuable insights and guidance every step of the way, they ensured that the partnership flourished and evolved to meet the client’s expanding needs. This hands-on approach proved instrumental in navigating the complexities of ERP implementation, solidifying the bond between the client and their Romanian partner.

The outcomes speak for themselves. Within just two years of project commencement, the vendor’s team had expanded from a modest 10 to a dedicated force of over 30 engineers. This exponential growth serves as a testament to the success of the collaboration and the tangible benefits derived from 112Hub’s strategic guidance.

Looking forward, the German software company is poised for further expansion, with plans to strengthen its presence in Romania commencing September 2024. This expansion not only underscores the triumph of the initial engagement but also highlights the enduring partnership forged between the client and 112Hub.

In essence, 112Hub’s approach to software consulting transcends mere matchmaking; it’s about cultivating lasting partnerships and delivering measurable outcomes. By leveraging their expertise in local markets and their nuanced understanding of industry dynamics, 112Hub continues to drive innovation and transformation in the ever-evolving realm of software development.