April 10, 2024

Why use 112Hub?

1. Make your life simple – One stop shop for setting up your team in Romania: legal, accounting, personnel recruiting/subcontracting, picking and managing your office, personnel managing.

2. Don’t spend time or money to find the right software vendor – We understand local markets best and can readily recommend pre-validated software development companies.

3. Protect your money and reputation – We negotiate with local vendors, manage personnel hiring and lay-offs, and recommend the best approach in cases of personnel unlawful actions to ensure the safety of your money at all times.

4. Don’t settle for options that “almost” fit – Delivery in Eastern (Romania, Bulgaria) and Western (Portugal) regions is tailored to meet cultural and time zone requirements.

5. Protect your business and make it flourish – We serve as your local representative in dealings with other companies and governmental institutions.