January 12, 2023

Top 3 Factors Why Outsourcing to Romania is the Perfect Choice for French Companies

From cost savings to a highly skilled and educated workforce, Romania provides the ideal solution for businesses looking to expand their operations by outsourcing. 

The Romanian economy is overgrowing, and the country has become one of Europe’s most attractive destinations. The cost of living in Romania is significantly lower than in France, making it among the best locations for businesses looking to spend less while still accessing high-quality results. 

In addition, the country offers great professionals with skills across a wide range of industries and disciplines. This is especially effective for companies looking for specific skill sets or expertise available elsewhere than France or other countries. Let’s have a more detailed look at those advantages.

A representation of software development benefits in Romania

Image: Software development benefits in Romania

Why Outsourcing in the Software Developing Industry?

The Software Developing Industry is experiencing increased growth lately, with countries around the globe making outsourcing a part of their tech blueprint. The industry is growing because of its ability to offer innovative solutions that are created through incorporating advanced technology and human expertise.      

Businesses outsource for the sake of cost reduction, increased scalability and enhanced speed in adapting to market changes. To top it off, software developers are equipped with proficient skills backed by experience, eliminating the need for constant training or extra tools that require a budget.   

Outsourcing also eliminates extra fees brought about by on-premises software licenses, allowing a considerable reduction of expenses. As businesses gain access to these cutting-edge technologies, it is easy to see why the software developing industry is predicted to remain a popular choice in outsourcing.  

Why Should French Companies Outsource in Romania?

Outsourcing to Romania makes excellent sense for French companies, as both countries share many cultural similarities as well as a common historical overview. Starting from the most obvious yet important criteria, Romania is part of the European Union and its proximity to France, allowing easy access to resources. 

Romania is well known for its talented workforce that speaks multiple languages, including French. In addition to the economic challenges faced by France, the country could benefit from Romanian traditions, such as the well-known hospitality of its people, to facilitate the integration of French organizations into Romania’s specific market needs. 

Not to mention the possibility for French companies to take advantage of Romania’s rich history and diverse cultural elements in their branding strategies. The country is praised for its beauty and rich history, making it an attractive destination for tourist activities. Therefore, selecting Romania as a potential business partner for France is undoubtedly a worthy opportunity. 

What You Should Know About Outsourcing in Romania

Take a look at why you may want to consider making use of outsourced services in Romania – they’re worth considering!

1. Cost-Saving Benefits  

It’s not a surprise that outsourcing is an effective way for businesses to save money and increase efficiency. But what has Romania to offer regarding this? 

To start off, Romania has many professional workers who are often willing to work for lower wages than their counterparts in other countries. Recent studies have reported that the Average Software Developing Monthly Wages in Romania are projected to trend around 3645.85 EUR. 

Lower wages means higher profits. And there is no wonder one of the main benefits businesses look for in an outsourcing company is reducing their costs.

Actually, did you know that Romania offers tax incentives to help businesses reduce costs? This game-changing move is expected to help businesses save money and increase their profits. It is also likely to create more job opportunities in Romania, as it might attract more foreign investments into the country. 

So it’s a win-win situation for both parties. By outsourcing to Romania, French companies can benefit from improved productivity and cost savings while maintaining excellent quality standards.

2. Tax & Legal Advantages of Romanian Outsourcing Firms

For businesses looking to expand their operations or outsource services abroad, Romania offers an attractive option with its advantageous legal framework. 

The Romanian government has implemented several initiatives to encourage foreign investment and promote the growth of the country’s outsourcing industry. This includes tax incentives, grants, and subsidies that can help companies reduce costs when setting up an outsourcing business in Romania.

Romanian firms also benefit from generous labor laws that make hiring professionals at competitive rates easier. This means companies can take advantage of these benefits while still enjoying the same quality of service as they would get from any other European country.

3. The Growing Trend of Romanian BPOs and Their Impact

Romania offers an extensive range of BPO services that can help French companies to reduce costs, increase efficiency and gain access to the latest technologies.

Image: Best Tech Hubs Locations in Romania featuring Bucharest, Iasi, Timișoara, Cluj

Romanian BPOs are well-known for their high-quality services and cost-effectiveness. These include specializations such as customer service, data entry, processing, and web development. These services can help French companies save time and money while improving their operations. Moreover, Romanian BPOs are experienced in working with French clients and understand the market’s language, culture, and business requirements.

The growing trend of Romanian BPOs indicates that outsourcing is becoming more popular among French businesses. With the right partner, these businesses can benefit from multiple advantages as well as access to new technologies.

Final Thoughts

This article has discussed the top three factors that impact and make outsourcing to Romania the perfect choice for French companies. From access to skilled experts and reduced costs to a favorable business environment and quality services at competitive prices – outsourcing to Romania presents numerous benefits that make it an attractive option for French businesses looking to expand their operations.