February 2, 2023

Outsourcing IT Services to Romania: A Smart Move for Italian Luxury Product Companies

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Romania’s IT industry: Overview

Romania is a stunning, beautiful country with rich nature, history, and culture. From the breathtaking hills and snow-capped peaks of the mountains to the dense green forests and the Danube River, this country is definitely a nature lover’s paradise. 

But its offerings don’t stop here, as Romania also has a lot to contribute on the professional front, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand or relocate. 

Romania has invested a lot in developing its IT sector over the years, which is already paying off, since IT is a major hub for outsourcing in Europe. From government support towards software development to skilled people and a favorable business environment, these and other factors have made this country’s IT industry popular. 

Romania has many universities and technical schools with rich programs in software development, computer science, engineering, and other related fields. This has inspired many highly educated and skilled workers to enter the workforce each year. 

The current Romanian IT industry’s value is 9 billion euros and is predicted to reach 12 billion euros by 2025.

But what’s in it for Italian companies if they want to outsource IT services to Romania? 

Benefits of Italian Luxury Companies Outsourcing IT Services to Romania 

Outsourcing IT services to Romania can be an excellent choice for Italian luxury product companies looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gain access to a talented workforce. Here’s why:

Professionals You Can Trust

Many software developers work in Romanian IT companies, contributing to this industry’s continuous growth. This is an excellent call for Italian luxury product companies who seek professional, high-qualitative services at a lower cost. 

By outsourcing IT services to Romania, they can easily access a talented and experienced workforce that will help them improve the efficiency of their IT services. 

Innovative Technology

Romanian IT companies have access to the latest technology and software, a good source for Italian companies to improve their IT services and stay competitive.

Cost Savings Benefits

A comparison between prices in Romania vs. Italy


An updated study in 2023 has shown that the cost of living in Romania is 35% cheaper than in Italy. There’s no surprise to that since the labor costs are already lower in Romania, something many companies can benefit from. Less expenses=more savings. 

Time Zone Proximity

With a time difference of only one hour, Italian company members can easily communicate with their IT service providers in Romania without having to arrange meetings in different time zones. Not only does this minimize delays, but it ensures projects are completed with the proper effectiveness.

Cultural Similarities

What else better than similar cultures can connect two different countries? Romania and Italy share many similarities when it comes to that, which will always have a positive impact on reducing cultural barriers. A better understanding between two parties means higher trust and better professional results.

Services Delivered on Time

High-quality services and solutions to any task? Experienced IT professionals and the latest technologies are guaranteed to help Italian companies meet their IT goals.

From Rome to Bucharest, What Connects These Cities?

Statue in the Primaria Sibiu Square in Transylvania
Image source: Pexels

From language, food, music, art, and lifestyle, Romania and Italy share many similarities. Both countries and their capitals have a rich history and culture, influenced by ancient civilizations, the Roman Empire, and the Catholic Church. 


Starting from the most obvious factor, the language. If you listen to both Romanian and Italian, you’ll understand how similar these languages sound. There is no surprise to that, as both are part of the Romance family language


Italian and Romanian cuisine traditions have many similarities, represented by pasta, pizza, and various types of meat, vegetables, and cheeses. And don’t be surprised if you find many Italian restaurants in Romania!

Music and Art

Italian opera and classical music have significantly influenced Romanian music, while Romanian folk music and dances have also influenced Italian folk music.

Family values

Another meeting point for these countries is the culture that strongly emphasizes family values, with extended families often living close to one another and maintaining strong connections.

Final Thoughts

Romania’s strategic location in the heart of Europe and all of the advantages we mentioned make it an ideal outsourcing country for Italian luxury companies. We would call this a “smart move” since it has already proved to bring long-term benefits to many international companies, as well as improve competitiveness in the global market. 

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