February 15, 2023

We Are Tinder…for Your Business

It’s 2023, and the concept of matching goes beyond romantic relationships. 

“We are Tinder…for your business.” This statement represents the essence of our services – as a convenient and efficient matchmaking company designed to connect businesses worldwide with talents in Romania and Bulgaria. 

With our innovative technology and user-friendly interface, you can easily find the right match and take your business to the next level. Get ready to swipe right on your next great business opportunity with us!

Romantic vs. Professional Matching, What Do They Have in Common?

A Similar Purpose   

Let’s look at it like this, both Tinder and matching companies aim to connect people for either romantic or professional relationships. Tinder helps you find your soulmate; we help you find the best business partners that meet your objectives.

In the business world, matching is a common concept, as it is used to connect companies with potential partners, suppliers, or clients. We help companies who want to outsource their software development services to Romania or Bulgaria find the best potential talents for them. 

And we’ve helped many of them already. 

As our clients have reported, a huge advantage our work offers is time and resource-saving. Being professionals in this industry, we know exactly how and when to match the right partners, making our services convenient and proficient.  

Profile-Based System

We don’t have an app where you can swipe left or right on clients. But we do have a professional website where you can find all the details of what we do, read some of our informative blogs, and even book a free consultation with the CEO of the company. Our “user profile” provides information about our values, mission, and previous successful projects.


We will help you match with the best potential Romanian and Bulgarian talents. And if you’re wondering why you should outsource services to Romania, check our previous article published in the Romania Journal, where we’ve explained all the factors in detail. 

Chat Feature

Many matchmaking companies, including Tinder, offer a chat feature that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time. 

As a consulting company, we offer free calls where you can learn more about our services and why to consider them.

User Privacy

We prioritize users’ privacy and often implement security measures to protect their personal information. 

As a professional company in this industry, we get regular testimonials from our clients, to ensure everything is going according to the plan, and see if there is room for improvement.

Focus on Relationships

It’s all about relationships…whether romantic or not!

Both Tinder and other matchmaking companies are focused on helping individuals form meaningful relationships.

When it comes to business, the famous saying goes “Client is King”. We respect their choices and do our best to provide excellent matching talents for their businesses.

We are happy when customers use our services every month.