July 7, 2020

Software outsourcing in Romania: How to find a local partner

The most relevant guide in Romania on how to find an outsourcing partner for your software needs:

According to There are 12.948 businesses with activity codes related to software development (6201 and 6202). Only 934 have more than 9 employees, out of witch we estimate that 80% are involved in outsourcing. So we end up aprox. 750 companies (with access to about 80.000 engineers) that would be candidates for outsourcing some of your projects.

No matter the software project you think about externalizing, there will be an ideal Romanian company with tailor-made solutions: the perfect match. But how to find it?

It might be a small one floor business with no more than 10 employees or one of the local “oldies” (over 500 software engineers). In a dynamic, fast-growing outsourcing market, with no established big players, it often gets confusing trying to find your perfect match.

Here are your 5 main options:

1. You can go and ask Software Employers’ Associations like ANIS and ARIES. One major downside is that, even though having numerous members, only a few of them are active. It means that approaching the Associations for advice will leave you with little outsourcing options.

Instead, we recommend to ask for the members’ list and approach them directly. This way you will have access to a majority that is not in the Associations’ spotlight.

2. You can search on websites that publish lists with companies’ names, ratings, and reviews. Just keep in mind that most of these successful platforms that present lists with reliable outsourcing companies are paid by the companies (the higher the amount, the higher your ratings). It is a good source, but don’t trust the ratings.

Take ourselves, 112Hub, as an example. We are rated third by in their „Top Bucharest IT Consulting Companies”. And number 5 in Romania. Yes, we have paid!

3. You can go and ask the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce. Downside: The Chambers of Commerce are mainly specialized in trading and the goods industry. IT services are not their core expertise, so don’t expect telling results.

We recommend that you ask for the members’ list and scout for the software companies yourselves. You can target those who previously offered outsourcing solutions for companies based in your country.

4. You can… Google it! Just have in mind the 12.948 software companies mentioned in the beginning. You will have to search the fair options in a jungle of paid ads, sponsored articles, and SEO enthusiasts. A suitable outsourcing partner may not even appear in the first 10 pages.

5. You should contact us here!

Because we do this for a living and cannot afford to give bad advice. We show you the perfect match in less than a week or we don’t get paid. Yes: lots of work and no money if we don’t get it right. And this a risk none of your other options are willing to take.