January 20, 2021

Contract signing in pandemic times

There is a software solution for signing B2B and B2C contracts, for customer onboarding, account opening, document generation and product management: Building origination platforms.

Building the proper tool that doesn’t require any technical knowledge at all, meaning it could be utilized by all teams in your company. Nothing out of the ordinary as most of us have already experienced this technology in our recent online interactions with utility companies and banks.

Like in all „nothing out of the ordinary” cases, there is, of course, the „nothing special” and the right way to provide a solution.  

In reference to banking products, digital onboarding refers to opening a bank account online. Customers can sign-up for new products instantly, at home, with an operator or as part of an e-commerce buying journey.

The only way we can provide the „right on the spot” solution for each financial institution is by building a flexible platform that can be easily customized for each specific requirement.

This is what Tremend aimed for when they created TORP: a modular multi-purpose platform for the Financial Sector, relying on building blocks architecture.

Tremend’s product is ready to use: a highly customizable digital platform, providing high-level process automation, addressing various business needs: customer onbording and autentification, debit cards generation, loans process flows, self-governed and in-depth access to all core layers.

TORP relies on building blocks architecture, grouped in functional entities, client-tailored in order to facilitate the adoption of flexible banking processes and product lending workflow.

Their modular architecture relying on building blocks leads to straightforward API-based integration capabilities, highly scalable for seamless digital client journeys.